Pastoral Notes

20220909 Parishioner Update

20220710 Parishioner Update

20220318 Parishioner Update for mailing

20220218 Parishioner Update for mailing

20220211 Parishioner Update

20220127 Parishioner Update

20220127 Parishioner Update job parish profile

20220127 Parishioner Update 20220127 Parishioner Update job posting

20220114 Parishoner Update

20211022 Parishoner Update

20210903 Parishoner Update

20210824 Parishoner Update

20210806 Parishoner bulletin

20210702 Parishoner bulletin

Pastoral Letter from Archbishop Anne:

Pastoral Letter from Pastor George:  Pastoral Letter October 1, 2020 final

Websites for you to check in to for the latest information:
Diocese of Algoma: DoA Latest News
Anglican Church in Canada: ACC General Synod News
Anglican Communion Environmental Network: ACEN for Resources and Media
Primates World Relief Development Fund: PWRDF New


March 26th Letter from Pastor George: 20200326 Parishioner’s Letter

March 25th letter from Archbishop Anne:

Message from the Anglican Church of Canada: ocially-, yet never spiritually-distanced

New message from Archbishop Anne for March 17, 2020: Archbishop Anne March 17, 2020

Offering Options for Parishioners: 20200316 Wardens financial message

New Pastoral message from Pastor George: 20200316 Pastor George message

A very good read: How to Keep being Church when Church is Cancelled

Latest news from Archbishop Anne: 20200316 Update Letter from Archbishop Anne re Cancellations

20200314 Covid-19 update

20200313 Sunday Service Changes due to Covid-19

20200313 COVID-19 Letter Metropolitan




20190722 Pastoral letter to Algoma from Archbishop Anne

Word to the Church Appendix 1

bishop A Message from the House of Bishops of the Anglican Church of Canada to General Synod 2019 Appendix 2

Gathering Table 2019 Archbishop

20190710 Pastoral Letter from Pastor George


A Pastoral Note on Sharing the Peace

A Reminder about Visitations

Receiving Holy Communion