If you would like to volunteer, or have a question about a particular ministry, please click on the appropriate link below and you will be directed to a contact for for the appropriate individual(s).

Altar/Chancel         Marg Boone
Building Maintenance, Yard and Gardens         Erminie and Dave Reid
Camp Gitchigomee         Roberta Wolfe
Care Home Worship         Rev. Gail Clifton
Coffee Hosts         Sharon Sparkes
Craft Group         Brenda Coopman
Food Cupboard         Sharon and Dale Sparkes
Green Team         Jim Sutton
Grace Place         Rev. George Porter
Liturgical Ministries (Acolytes, Eucharistic Assistants, Greeters, Lay Readers, Lectors, Prayers of the People, Sacred Dance)         Erminie Reid
Men’s Breakfast         Jim Sutton / Dave Reid
Music Ministry         Jamie Philp & Donna Hamill
Production Team: Audio/Video and Sunday PowerPoints         Sharon Corston
Sunday School         Audrey Love 5-8 or Ellen Teahan 9 – 14